Thursday, January 28, 2010

Property Assessments - only a few days left to appeal

You have until 11:59 pm February 1st to file an appeal of your assessment. There is no cost to you to file and the process is very easy, it is just a short form with your contact information and a few details about why you are appealing. You your assessment role number.

This is a good document to read about the appeal process.

Once you file an appeal, you can drop the appeal at any time you would like at no cost to you.

I am happy to act as an agent for anyone wanting make an appeal, just drop me a line at

Once you have filed you will be notified that the appeal is going to the Property Assessment Review Panel.

BC Assessment will then contact you and discuss with you the issues you have with your assessment. They will explain what information they have about your place and how they arrived at the value they set on it. You can tell then why they information is not correct. Most people that appeal come to an agreement with BC Assessment at this point.

If you do not come to agreement, you go to the Property Assessment Review Panel. This is panel of three individuals with knowledge of administrative fairness and property values. I served on PARP in Lillooet for a number of years and then in Greater Victoria for four years.

The panels are not confrontational, but they can only consider a very narrow set of evidence. All they can consider are open market sales of comparable properties to determine a market value on July 1st 2009.

The only evidence that matters is evidence of actual sales or evidence to show that your house is incorrectly classified by BC Assessment.

While I sat on PARP I saw many people come forward with what looked like good cases, but they did not come armed with market sales to prove their point. Without this evidence we had to find for BC Assessment.

As I mentioned before, I am happy to help anyone wanting to appeal their assessment, just drop me a line.
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