Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is what I would love to see all councilors do

John Luton of Victoria city council has a blog and recently responded ther to some comments I had about the decision making process of the city. While I do not agree with everything he asserts and interpret some of the data differently, what impresses me is that he took the time to write the posting and it does a good job of explaining how he came to his decision on the Johnson Street Bridge.

If many more elected officials took the time to explain how they came to a decision on an issue, there would be a lot less confusion or feeling of `conspiracy`. It is not important to me the point of view of the posting, but it is important that I can understand the motivations for the decisions being made.

In the process with the Johnson Street Bridge, I truly could not understand how the council came to the decision that they did in the time frame that they did. I know there were others that felt out of the loop on what was happening and how fast it was going.

It is 2010 now, in BC we have the best educated and best informed electorate of any place on earth. With this comes an automatic cyncism because so many politicians have not treated the public with honest respect. It is postings like John`s that will go a long way to reducing that sort of view of politicians even if one does not agree.

I encourage everyone in the City of Victoria to read John`s blog and I encourage all local politicians to take some time to blog.
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