Friday, March 19, 2010

Tillicum School

Tillicum School is in my neighbourhood. Three of my boys went to this school. The school grounds take up a full block between Burnside, Orillia, Albina and Maddock.

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The school has been there since 1915 and really is much the same today as then. The front and back fields are large empty green spaces and very much under used by the schoolkids. I think there should be some changes to the school grounds.

On the back field it would be nice to see two well maintained and proper baseball diamonds and a decent soccer field.

In the front it would be nice if there were trees and some small hills. Without these sort of things the place lacks the spaces for kids to really explore their imagination. An empty blank field is not a space where there are castles and pirates and spaceships and houses and all the manner of other pretend games little kids like to play.

The two elementary schools I went to had forested areas and some slopes. At Weaver Elementary in Tsawwassen we had about 2/3s of an acres of woods. We had trails through there, we had trees with spots we could climb to, we had small hollows. We had 101 and adventures there every day we went to school.

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This school still retains the same small forest, it is a shame not to have this at all schools
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