Monday, October 18, 2010

North Saanich by-election

There are six candidates running for two positions on council, none of them ran in 2008.

  • Dustan Browne
  • Wally Du Temple
  • Jan Fellenius
  • Heather Goulet
  • Robin Herlinveaux
  • Craig Mearns

I only know two of the candidates, Wally Du Temple and Heather Goulet.  Both are from  a Green Party background but I have no idea as to their current involvement with the Greens. 

Wally has a general website, but I am not finding anything related to running for council.   He is a part owner of  the Ardmore golf course.  I am not sure he remembers meeting me.  I have always found him to be quirkily engaging, though I am not certain he is the sort of guy I would want to see on a council.  If I remember correctly, he served a term or part of a term on North Saanich council some years back.

Heather Goulet was on the North Saanich council and in the past but did not choose to run in 2008.   I think she would fit well with the majority on the current council and I think she would be a good addition as she is reasonable in her opposition to suburban sprawl.   I must admit I am not sure how to refer to the people that are opposed to development on the peninsula because so many of them are sitting on large pieces of land that they are keeping out of active farming, just a few too many mansion estate types arguing against all development.   Heather does not fit this mold and is truly someone that wants to try and retain a rural nature for North Saanich.

Craig Mearns has been linked to the opposition to the current mayor and majority on council.   He is connected the Mearns family that donated the money to UVic for the library expansion.   He spent $1092 in the 2008 election to oppose the people that make up the current majority on the council.   He has also been involved with Property Rights on Waterfront, a group advocating for rights and interests of private landholders on waterfront of the peninsula.

As to the rest of the candidates, there is very little I can find out about them.   When I find out more I will post what I find.   If you know of links to anything, drop me a line or leave a comment
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