Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If you live in the City of Victoria or North Saanich you need to vote on November 20th

In municipal elections the number of people voting is way too low, this means those elected to council that are not representatives of the people.   I can understand some of the reasons people do not vote, how can you vote when it is almost impossible to become informed about the candidates in the race?

In 2005 I found out how hard it is in this region to find out about the candidates in the election.   In the run up to 2008 I used this blog to let me find out who is running and why.   The by-product for the public was that this was the only location that had comprehensive information about people in the race.   To this day I run into people that I meet for the first time and tell me they used this blog to find out about the candidates.  It ended up that I had what amounted to a personal all candidates meeting with candidates in more than half the municipalities in the region.

I am going to try and personally talk to each of the candidates and post the results on this blog.  I am interested in finding out more about all the candidates so if you know something, please let me know through email, phone or comment on the blog.   I will not be allowing any comments to be posted that relate to the election that do not have someone way for me to verify they are accurate and do not have a person taking responsibility for them.

With so few candidates running in both North Saanich and Victoria, it is not a huge task to learn about the candidates.   Inform yourself and go out vote.   If there is someone you like, call them, meet them in person, help them with their campaign.   They are waiting for your calls and if you like them they can use your support.
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