Wednesday, November 17, 2010

City of Victoria Election

Just a quick note here, three of the candidates are currently running ads on CFAX - Barry Hobbis, Paul Brown and Marianne Alto.

I personally think that CFAX is the best bought media location to advertise in this region for anything to do with politics.   The people that listen tend to be engaged in the political process and the ads can not be avoided.

Print ads are too easy to avoid and get lost in the newspapers.   The lead time for a magazine ad is too far ahead for people to get their act together for them.

So far I have only heard the Marianne Alto add.  It is too the point and gets her name out but boring, if I hear it over and over again it will grate on me very quickly.   I hope her campaign thought to have three or four ads in the can if they are getting a high rotation.

I will amend this post after I hear the Hobbis and Brown ads.

If anyone sees any ads in print for any candidate in Victoria or North Saanich, could you alert me via email, ideally with a PDF?

1:45 pm  I have heard the Paul Brown ad now, it is nothing exciting.   It is a bit punchier sounding than Marianne Alto's , but it does not mention his name as much.
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