Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Weather

We are now well into the cold and camp season in this city.   I look of you office window and see wet branches on the fig, a sodden lawn, and damp streets.   I really hate going out in this weather.

If this were snow I would be going outside more, but walking in the rain when it is 5 degrees sucks.   I should be putting up the Xmas lights, but the wet outside just depresses me.

I look at my yard and see a mess, and not just because there is stuff all over the place, but because all things look more disorderly in the rain.   Snow makes mess look nicer, rain makes it look worse.

We are going to have four more months of this being the dominant weather in this town.  

I like taking pictures of the city, but in this weather the lighting is bad and the pictures are all dull and lifeless.

I like rain when it is warm and falls in huge amounts all at once.   This light cold drizzle is for me the worst of all weathers possible.
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