Tuesday, March 08, 2011

BC Transit changes

The fares are going up, for cities under 500,000 in Canada we will have the dubious distinction of having the highest fares.

There will be $28 more paid by each house in the region - how that plays out for the non-single family homes I do not know.

Finally, there will be 7000 fewer service hours.    This will be accomplished through withdrawing the service on the #22 bus route from downtown to Hillside mall.   This means neither Fernwood or Haultain will any have any bus service on them.  

The reason the Transit Commission felt they could this service is that because of the new #10 there is no longer any need for this part of the #22 route.

I am trying to find the reference, but I believe that Haultain was the location of one of the first bus routes in Victoria.  
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