Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Future of Democratic Reform In BC - A Forum on Saturday April 30th

This is an event organized by Fair Vote Canada and I am going to try and make it, I encourage everyone to come out as well


VICTORIA, BC — On Saturday, April 30th, the Greater Victoria chapter of Fair Vote Canada and the University of Victoria’s history department will be hosting a panel discussion on the future of democratic reform in British Columbia. Panelists include Bob Simpson, the independent MLA for Cariboo-North; Jane Sterk, leader of the BC Green Party; and political scientist Dennis Pilon.

Christy Clark endorsed proportional representation during the 2009 election campaign, and her premiership may change the outlook for electoral reform in BC. She could find support on the other side of the aisle: the NDP platform includes a commitment to electoral reform. New Democrats Mike Farnworth, John Horgan, and Nicholas Simons endorsed proportional representation during their recent leadership bids.

There are numerous avenues for democratic renewal, which the panelists will be discussing on Saturday. Bob Simpson has been an outspoken advocate of reforming the ineffectual committee system, and Jane Sterk’s Green Party supports proportional representation. Dennis Pilon, author of The Politics of Voting, offers a realistic take on the prospects for reform. All three recognize that there are both opportunities and roadblocks to change.

This free panel discussion, which will include a question and answer session, will run from 1:30 to 3:30 on Saturday, April 30th, in room A110 of the Social Sciences and Mathematics building at UVic.

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The SSM building is just across the ring road from the stadium parking lot. A map showing the location of the building is online at You need to scroll down to find the map. The easiest way to find the room is to into the courtyard between the two parts of the building.

I hope that you will be able to make this - I expect a lively and informative discussion!

Wendy Bergerud 250-384-0666 (if no answer, try 250-886-1974)

Fair Vote Canada, Greater Victoria Chapter
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