Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bus Stops

Why does BC Transit not have a bus schedule at each bus stop?   And why does it not have this is on a large and easy to read board?   The current small plastic spin things are hard to read and all look old and run down.  Easier to read schedules will mean more casual users.   Nicer looking signs will also make existing users feel better about the whole system.

Ideally BC Transit should have electronic bulletin boards at major bus stops letting people know exactly how long till the next bus.  This innovation would also increase the number of people taking buses.   It would also reduce frustration many people feel when trying to take a bus in this city.   Too often you go out to a bus stop when the bus supposed to be there and it was either early or it is late.   It would be nice to know how long the wait is.

BC Transit should also actively improve the bus shelters.   They need more shelters and in many areas they need much larger ones.    Rainy days are a disincentive to bus use at the moment.   They also need to have an ongoing program to make sure they are spotlessly clean - ideally there should be a hotline people can call to report less than clean bus shelters.

It is small things like this that will improve the public image of buses and will pull more people onto transit.
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