Friday, May 06, 2011

Looking at all the Federal candidates on Vancouver Island

This is a table of the amount of votes each candidate got in the recent federal election for all six Vancouver Island ridings:

  1. 31,900  Elizabeth May Green Saanich-Gulf Islands
  2. 31,212 Jean Crowder NDP Nanaimo Cowichan 
  3. 30,679 Denise Savoie NDP Victoria
  4. 30,460 James Lunney Conservative Nanaimo-Alberni
  5. 27,184 John Duncan Conservative Vancouver Island North
  6. 26,198 Randall Garrison NDP Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
  7. 25,792 Troy DeSousa Conservative Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
  8. 25,385 Ronna-Rae Leonard NDP Vancouver Island North
  9. 24,997 Zenaida Maartman NDP Nanaimo-Alberni
  10. 24,541 Gary Lunn Conservative Saanich-Gulf Islands
  11. 24,418 John Koury Conservative Nanaimo-Cowichan
  12. 14,330 Patrick Hunt Conservative Victoria
  13. 8,447 Christopher Causton Liberal Victoria
  14. 8.198 Edith Loring-Kuhanga NDP Saanich-Gulf Islands
  15. 7,015 Jared Giesbrecht Green Victoria
  16. 6,409 Lillian Szpak Liberal Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
  17. 5,351 Shauna Salsman Green Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
  18. 4,998 Anne Marie Benoit Green Nanaimo-Cowichan
  19. 4,979 Renee Miller Liberal Nanaimo-Alberni
  20. 4,471 Myron Jespersen Green Nanaimo-Alberni
  21. 4,314 Renee Hetherington Liberal Saanich-Gulf Islands
  22. 3.038 Mike Holland Liberal Vancouver Island North
  23. 3.014 Brian Filmore Liberal Nanaimo-Cowichan
  24. 2,995 Sue Moen Green Vancouver Island North
  25. 363 Jesse Schroeder Pirate Nanaimo-Alberni
  26. 290 Jason Draper Ind Vancouver Island North
  27. 181 Louis James Lesosky Ind Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
  28. 171 Jack East CPC ML Nanaimo-Cowichan
  29. 145 Christopher Porter Canadian Action Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
  30. 94 Frank Wagner Christian Heritage Nanaimo-Alberni
  31. 80 Barbara Biley CPC ML Nanaimo-Alberni

The top Liberal came 13th overall on the island.   Christopher Causton did have the best third place finish of any candidate on Vancouver island.

The only New Democrat or Conservative that did not come in top 12 was the only third place finisher for either party, Edith Loring-Kuhanga in Saanich-Gulf Islands.   She was second best third place candidate in the election.

Fourth place Green Jared Giesbrecht managed to get more votes and higher percentage of the vote than four of the third place finishers on the rest of the island.

All six New Democrats and Conservatives finished with more than 10% of the vote.   If you break more than 10% of the vote you get a rebate of your election expenses.   Only two Liberals and two Greens managed to break the 10%.   One Liberal, Lillian Szpak in Esquimnalt-Juan de Fuca did so by two votes.

Total votes by party

  1. 170,371 NDP - 42.18%
  2. 145,467 Conservatives - 36.02%
  3. 56,524 Green - 14.00%
  4. 30,205 Liberal - 7.48%
  5. 1,324 Others - 0.33%

The Liberals could not even get as many votes in all six ridings as Elizabeth May managed to get in Saanich-Gulf Islands.

This election was not good for the Greens nationwide, but it did see them build a base of support here on the island.   Almost one in ten votes in Canada for the Greens were cast for the party on Vancouver Island.   Five of the Island ridings were among their top 20 results in the whole country.  Vancouer Island is also the location of three of the eight ridings in which their total vote went up in this election
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