Friday, May 27, 2011

What radio stations we listen to

I came across this online at Puget Sound Radio.  I worked in radio for a bit in the late 1980s so I am always interested to know what people are listening to.  

Not all the stations in Victoria take part in this.   CFUV at UVic, the Village, and CILS the francophone community radio station are not part of the ratings.   CBC Radio 2, CBC Espace, and Radio Canada all have transmitters in this region, are also not part of the survey.  Based on what I know the numbers are like, the listenership of these six stations in this region is likely less than 5% combined.  Most of that will be CBC Radio 2.

Source: BBM Canada
Demographics: Over age 12
Timeblock: Monday-Sunday 5am-1am
            Spr'11 Fall'10 Spr'10
Station      %        %      %  
CBC Radio 1 13.4   12.5    12.6 
The Ocean   11.6    8.8     9.5 
CFAX        11.2   13.4    12.3 
The Q       10.2    8.3     8.9 
KOOL FM      9.7   11.6     8.3 
The Zone     6.3    4.6     4.5 
Jack FM      4.5    4.1     5.8 
Talk        24.6   25.9    24.9
Music       42.3   37.4    37.0

I have to say I am surprised at the results.   I would never have thought that the Ocean would power ahead into second place.   I really do not get the Ocean, but then I am not a woman aged 40-65.  

Talk radio seems to be holding its own in the region but meanwhile music stations have grabbed listeners back to the region.

Meanwhile Jack FM continues to suck in the ratings.   How long till there is a format change there?  I would love to see some variety on the radio scene in this city.   If I had the time and energy I would start a new community radio station in this city.
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