Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Channel Goes to Uptown and Everything is Great!

A Channel did a rather pro-Uptown day recently, here are two videos from that day.

Neither one of the videos really looks for any flaws with the project. My concerns remain the entrance on Oak street. Even once the next phase is done, there will still be problems with the access at Oak because it only has one lane in and one lane out. With the next phase open there will be more access points, but the vast majority of people will be accessing the site from Saanich and Oak Street.

I also do not like the lack of connection with the streets around the site, it is not an open and inviting site. The development is monolithic and turns it back on the community around it. It is unfriendly to people and not only does not add anything for people living near by, but it makes the neighbourhood colder and more sterile.

I personally spend less time at Uptown than I did at Town and Country.   The WalMart has less selection now than before and the Fairway is missing.    This means I have no day to day reason to go to Uptown.

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