Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Craigflower Bridge

So View Royal is finally done with their work on the Old Island Highway, now we are going to have the Craigflower bridge replaced.

It is nice to know that this bridge is of regional importance and therefore is being paid for mainly of CRD funds.   The CRD has decided to cover most of the costs of this bridge, but offered more or less nothing of substance towards the Johnson Street bridge.

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Given the constraints of the location, I assume that the replacement will mean the closure of the existing bridge and then the construction of the new one.   This means about 18,000 vehicle trips a day will have to find alternate routes to get to their destination.  This just after we have had an extended period of traffic problems in the area.

All I can say is I am thankful my son Ben is finished at Shoreline and Stephen wants to go to Colquitz.   I will not have to deal with the troubles at that intersection, though I expect the Tillicum bridge will be backed up most days.
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