Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 Municipal Elections

(added on November 19th 2011 - on the right hand side of the page you will see links to pages with all the information you are seeking on the candidates running)

At this point I would have to say the fall elections are going to be less of a battle than last time around.   2008 saw a number of competitive races

  • There was a serious challenge in Langford to the Stewart Young's team - though the challengers ultimately lost by a lot.
  • In Victoria there was a vacant mayor's seat - though the late entry of Rob Reid meant the race was not nearly as close as it could have been, but the gap was only 600 votes out of 16,839 votes
  • Highlands had a very competitive race for both council and mayor
  • Colwood has a close fought race for mayor
  • Sooke has a race for council and mayor last time
  • Central Saanich had a competitive race
  • In North Saanich the sitting mayor was defeated

Seven of the 13 councils in this region had competitive races in 2008.   Of the other six, there was some competition for a council seat or two.

This time around I am looking for the races and I do not see many out there.  So far all that I see is the race for Saanich mayor and maybe the race for Victoria mayor.

The addition of Ben Isitt to the race in Victoria means one of the incumbents could lose, in order of the likelihood they could lose to him - John Luton, Phillipe Lucas, Chris Coleman, and Lynn Hunter.   I see Pam Madoff, Geoff Young, Charlayne Thorton-Joe and Marianne Alto as safe.   Much will depend on if Ben Isitt is running as a civic level New Democrat or not.

Langford is very quiet this time as are all the rest of the Westshore communities.

On the peninsula I assume there will be strong races in North Saanich and Central Saanich, but the evidence of those races happening are not out there.
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