Monday, August 29, 2011

The CRD 2011 Heavyweight Bout - Kid Cubberly v Frank "Saanich Man" Leonard

The biggest title in the CRD, Mayor of Saanich, is the prize.   Leonard has a long record of a knock outs of any rivals, many in the first rounds before they even get their nominations in.   But this time "Kid" Cubberly came out early and swinging hard.
I was excited, I got my popcorn, I would pay for the pay for view, but where is the contest now?   The early rounds have been nothing.

More seriously, I am in the loop enough in political circles in this town of all sides of the political spectrum and from local to provincial to federal.   I honestly have not heard much action in the Saanich mayoralty race.  

Saanich takes as more effort to run in for mayor than running for MP.   The campaign team you need to run a full effective campaign numbers in the hundreds and the money needed really should be north of $100,000.

I am wondering how it will play out, it feels like a lot is being left way to late.

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