Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A very small house

This house is at 414 Cecilia. I think this is the smallest house in Victoria, at about 530 square feet, it would hard to have one much smaller.   The lot is under 2700 square feet.  

There is a house on Shakespeare that is on a lot that is under 2000 square feet.  Even though that lot is only 15 feet wide, but the house is two floors and has about 1200 square feet in space.

There are some small lots in James Bay but none as small as the Cecilia Road one  - or least ones that I can find with a house on it.   Also, the houses on these James Bay lots are significantly larger.

I have not idea of the history of this house - how old it is and why this small lot as severed off from the larger lot fronting on Washington.   I have often wondered about it when I have walked from my home to the Galloping Goose.
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