Friday, November 18, 2011

An email endorsement of a set of candidates

Date: November 18, 2011 6:11:48 PM PST
Subject: I'm voting for change, intelligence and openness.

Please vote saturday, Nov. 19. Turnout for recent municipal elections has been very low... and we are paying the price. Whether you rent or own, property tax increases affect you. Those who care about Victoria, need to keep an eye on city hall. Whose interests are represented? Here's my voting selections... just mine..
if you are interested please consider, if not delete (or let me know you never want to hear from me on such matters in the future). And thanks for voting. Monday magazine has profiles of candidates and their web-site has info on polling stations.

Hi folks ... a few people have asked me for my picks for Victoria mayor and Council. Here they are. I wish I could have gotten out to see these folks in action, but I didn't get that chance. Some I know from the past, others I am going based on endorsements of those I trust.

In my voting I am following three basic principals: I am voting for change. I am voting for intelligence. I am voting for openness (sharing real information, and real listening to what the community wants).

The current Council has acted poorly in listening to citizens, and I will not support them further. They pay lip service to community consultation, but their actions have proven otherwise. The only incumbent I will vote for is Geoff Young - and believe me, that is a first... but he earned my vote for bravely bucking a council refusing to consider the wishes of the citizens regarding the Johnson st. bridge. I have watched Geoff for the past 25 years and I do know you can count on him to give thoughtful consideration to issues and do what he thinks best. That's more than any of the other incumbents have done. I want people who are bright, committed, open, and have experience with either government or community relations.

Mayor: Paul Brown, Open Victoria - a warm intelligent individual, highly qualified (tho not a career politician); experience relating to levels of government, good understanding of economics, committed to openness and authentic communication about needs and priorities facing the city... has made that the basis of his platform.

Shellie Gudgeon: very active in the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood and a positive force for good (and her Fifth St. Bar & Grill is my neighbourhood hang... when I can get in, good food at good prices.)

Rose Henry: genuine advocate for the disadvantaged; also will be a valuable, long overdue first nations presence on Council (maybe the first ever...)

Ben Isitt: very bright, committed individual who came close in a past mayoral race

Sukhi Lalli: running on the Open Victoria slate, seems genuine, I'm voting for diversity here (victoria is no longer such a white bread place, council should reflect that)

Linda McGrew: also on the Open Victoria slate: Steve Filopovic has endorsed her as well. I like Steve and wish I could vote him onto Council....

John Turner: another Steve F. endorsement. don't know much about him but I'll take his word for it.

Geoff Young: the longest serving member of council and the only incumbent I will vote for this time round. the others lost my vote over treatment of the Johnson street bridge issue. While I rarely share Geoff's political leanings I respect that he has a good mind and exercises independent judgement.

Jon Valentine: I know little about him but he is the only candidate to make prominent mention of the arts in his campaign.

thanks for considering. happy voting,

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