Sunday, November 13, 2011

Email from the Greater Victoria Teachers Association

From: Susan Salvati
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:42:42 -0800
To: Susan Salvati

Dear All,

Victoria teachers are appealing for your vote in the upcoming municipal election, November 19th.

I don't normally reach out to my network for political causes, but the education of kids is an issue about which I feel very strongly. I hope you will consider voting for school trustees in the upcoming municipal election on November 19th. Did you know that school trustees are the caretakers of the public educational system? They are your voice to government on issues relating to management of schools. There are nine trustees who meet regularly to make policy, plan and evaluate the overall operation of the school district.

The Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association has endorsed five trustee candidates who care deeply, and are willing to stand up and advocate on behalf of the interests of the children in our schools. We want trustees who are passionate and willing to question decisions, instead of blindly agreeing to drastic underfunding. We are endorsing candidates who are willing to be visible, who will visit and be informed about schools, and who will actively advocate for smaller classes and more resources. The endorsed candidates are:

Catherine Alpha

David Bratzer (

Edith Loring-Kuhanga (

Diane McNally (

Deborah Nohr (

(I am also personally canvassing for Rob Paynter (, another progressive candidate who has been working with the candidates above but who was not officially endorsed by the Greater Victoria Teacher's Association due to time constraints).

This year there are fifteen candidates, and nine positions to be filled. Each of these five endorsed candidates has committed to work for smaller classes, more specialist teachers, and more resources for students to be successful, especially special needs students. They will not accept the status quo. We believe these candidates will be strong advocates for the needs of our children, and we are appealing to you to give them your vote.

‘Plumping’ your vote

Often voters think that because there are nine positions for Trustees, they need to pick nine names from the list of candidates. This is not true and can ultimately cause those you want to see elected to lose. Rather than voting for all nine trustee positions, a voter can choose to vote for simply one, two or five if they wish. When we target a small number of candidates to focus our vote on, we maximize the power of our vote.

 Let’s work together to elect trustees who will stand up for the better learning environment that our children deserve.

The education system in BC is at a turning point, and you can help direct which way it will go. If you are in support of fully funded public education, please examine the platforms of candidates who will work toward ensuring an excellent educational system, one that puts the needs of kids first. If you feel so inclined, please share the list of candidates.

Thank you for your time,

Susan Salvati
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