Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Removal

Given that we only have snow at most a couple of times a year and it is one of those budget items that can vary dramatically from year to year, would it not make some sense for all 13 municipalities to sit down and coordinate how the deal with the snow?   I make note this very specifically because I live on the border of two municipalities but I see no coordination between Saanich and Victoria on how they handle Harriet and Burnside.

It is a bit after 11 am in the morning and I am not sure they have plowed or sanded.  It says something about my expectation when I look out at a road partly clear and wonder if anything has been done or not.

How could I resist a palm in the snow?
It is in everyone's interest in the region to have the core routes clear ASAP and then to get as many secondary roads clean.   I am not sure how that happens when you have crews from 13 different municipalities working under 13 different plans?   I can not see how having one central dispatch controlling all the crews would not be more efficient and faster.  It would also mean you could have a couple of crews in reserve to deal with specific problems as they arise.  

If you could be more efficient and faster, local governments could also make some of their costs back by charging a fee to clear private parking lots.   The major malls in this region do a crap job of keeping their parking lots cleared.   Since plows and sanders from the local governments are already passing by, adding the parking lots would not be hard and should not take too much time.   The cost to hire a private contractor to clear a parking lot is expensive.

Snow should not be a surprise here in Victoria and our preparations should be much better than they are.
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