Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amor De Cosmos complains about the bill to incorporate the City of Victoria - May 24th 1862

Boundaries of the City of Victoria at incorporation
In the May 24th 1862 edition of the British Colonist there is a long column on page 2 about the incorporation of Victoria.   The article is on the left hand of the page.  The column is a bit ranty, but that is not really surprising given that Amor De Cosmos had a huge hate on for the HBC and James Douglas and he wanted a City with powers to go up against the powers that be.

  • The City was to have 1 mayor and six councillors
  • The City was to have three wards - Johnson Street, Yates Street and James Bay - two councillors to be elected from each ward
  • To run in the first election you had either own £50 worth of freehold land or  £600 worth of leasehold land, the leasehold requirement would fall to  £150 in future elections.
  • First elections to be held on November 8th
  • Anyone that refuses to serve as mayor or councilor will be fined £50
  • Only the people registered to vote for the Vancouver Island Assembly will be allowed to vote in the first City election

  • The City will have no power over the police but will also not have to pay for them
  • The City will have no power over schools
  • The City is responsible for the upkeep of roads and the hospital
  • The status of Beacon Hill Park is not clear
  • The City had to look after the road to Esquimalt all the way to the Town of Esquimalt
  • The Governor of Vancouver Island has a veto over all bylaws
  • As of May 24th the actual boundaries of the City had not yet been decided on

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