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Victoria Incorporated - reports from the British Colonist in 1862

From the August 4th 1862 British Colonist
The British Colonist dedicated the front page of the Monday August 4th 1862 edition to the Act to Incorporate the City of Victoria.  This was unusual as the front page at the time was almost always only advertising.

Section XX in the third column of the page outlines the powers that the council had.   The powers are different than the powers Victoria has now.   In 1862 the City had had powers to provide local utility services bit they also had to to provide to food inspection services, regulate weights and measures, and regulate the sale and storage of gunpowder.

Amor De Cosmos had an editorial on the third page arguing for local governments to be created on the rest of Vancouver Island.

The initial election day was on August 17th 1862 by a show of hands.   Only Thomas Harris was elected as mayor, a poll was requested for the council members.

The election of the first council was held on August 18th 1862 with the following results - the top six were elected

John Copland        114
James M Reid        113
N.M. Hicks          111
William E. Stronach 107
William M. Scarby   104
Richard Lewis        98
Mifflin Wistar Gibbs 94 (a black man from the US who was elected to council in 1866)
James Thorne         70
William Leigh        61
John G. McKay        57
David Loneveu        53
George E. Dennes     39
Malcolm Munro        12
Alfred Fellows        1

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