Monday, November 19, 2012

A Curious Way to Campaign

Liberal candidate Paul Summerville has surprised me from the start with his focus in very negative way about sewage treatment in the campaign.   He seemed to be convinced that he would be able to use this as one issue that would set him apart from the other candidates and this would lead to him doing well in the by-election.    A federal by-election is not a one issue campaign but with his ongoing insistence about sewage treatment Paul Summerville seems to want to make it one issue campaign.

I was not convinced sewage treatment was a good core campaign platform when I first heard about it because I knew what the Green Party position was on the issue and it was not that dramatically different than Summerville's own, but this has not stopped Paul Summerville from trying to make the case that there is a dramatic difference between the two.   Frankly when I read the Green approach to the issue and Paul Summerville's, the Green one seems to have more though and consideration put into, certainly Donald Galloway is not jumping on the Hyperbole Express.

The campaign plan was also predicated on the idea that no Conservative Party candidate would speak out against the sewage treatment plant because the current government has offered money for the plan.  Conservative Dale Gann has now come out against the current plan.   Instead of taking some credit for creating the debate on the issue and getting Dale Gann to change his view, Paul Summerville posted a rather sarcastic, and frankly nasty piece, about Dale Gann choosing to be against sewage treatment.    How does a posting like that improve the quality of our politics in Canada?   How does it do anything to lead towards a country where excellence matters?

What we need in politics is more civility and respect, trying to make someone look bad for changing their mind does not fit into that category.   I read the post he did about Dale Gann and  sewage treatment and I see on no level at all how reporting a fictitious press conference by Stephen Harper in a sarcastic way does anything to improve things.   It is as if he would prefer that no Conservative think for themselves, express their own opinion or change their mind.

It is from Paul Summerville that I am seeing some of the most negative posting in this campaign in general such as:

Based on his writing and how he has campaigned in this election, I am not convinced that Paul Summerville is able to be an MP that will improve the quality of governance in Canada.

The reality is that there is little or no danger of him winning, at best he will come a distant third.   I expect he will see a further drop in Liberal Party support, the fifth election in a row to have that happen.
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