Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fish Counts in Colquitz River for 2012

I got this from the Gorge Tillicum Community Association about the 2012 salmon run on the Colquitz river

Total Fish counts in for the year at the Colquitz River Fish Fence: (Behind Tillicum Centre)
71 Male Coho
91 Female Coho
44 Jacks
2 Cutthroat trout
2 Smolts.
TOTAL= 210 fish.
Not nearly as big return numbers as in years previous...those oil spills have taken their toll...
I asked about past data and here is what I got from Scott Karpes:

Last year, (2011) they had to take the counting fence out on about Nov. 25th (due to the oil spill, they wanted to let the fish get up stream quickly, to avoid the contamination.) Up to Nov. 25th, the numbers were:
62-Male coho
119-Female coho
TOTAL= 286 fish 
'All the other years are in single daily sheets that would take a very long time to add up the totals.'

'From what I can remember we have had a low of about 52 to a high of about 650 or more.' This information comes from Barrie Goodwin (Stream Steward/Volunteer.)
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