Monday, December 17, 2012

UpTown December 2012

I was at UpTown to meet someone the other day so I thought I would take some time to take a few more pictures of how the development looks now.

There is a mud build up in this area, I am not sure how this will work over time

Looking down from the newly completed upper level
I like this detail on a building on the west side of Uptown Blvd
Upper east side of Uptown Blvd

 This is the enterance to the parkade from the north end of Uptown Blvd.   I am not sure that with the newly opened areas the traffic will be any better

One of the set of stairs going down to the parkade from the upper level

Newly completed upper north level of the development
Western outside part of UpTown
Ceiling above the escalator on the Grand Staricase

These are some of the various friezes on the site.   If I was obsessive enough, I would take pictures of all the different ones and post them online.   I like these details on the site.

More excavation - I am still not sure what is going to happen here

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