Friday, December 07, 2012

Why does Victoria have a 5th Street but no other numbered streets?

Many years ago there was a plan to have numbered streets in Victoria starting at Bay Street and running northwards from there.   Here is a part of a map from 1884 that shows 1st through to 4th Streets.

4th Street is the most obvious one as it connects to Quadra.   On this map you would expect that it is Blanshard that 2nd Street turned into but in fact that is what is now Dowler and the last block no longer exists.   The two blocks of Blanshard from Pembrooke to Queens are also now Dowler, Blanshard connects to 1st Street.   3rd Street is now Wark Street though most of that street no longer exists.

Also note that Blanshard was spelled Blanchard in the past - I do not know when this changed.

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