Monday, October 20, 2014

An interesting post from my friend Chris Coleman about elections and campaigning on a Sunday

Chris Coleman is a City of Victoria councilor running for re-election and a friend.

Chris posted this to Facebook today and I thought I would repost it here because it is an interesting anecdote about elections and campaigning:

VICTORIA Municipal Election Update...............27 days to go to polls closing!
Sundays are funny days in campaigns!
For those of us belonging to one of the Faith Communities, at least one day a week is involved in the public observance of that belief. In North America, we are used to Sunday for such observances, but each Faith will have its own prescribed traditions....and they do vary! But to talk about Faith as pertaining only to "organized religion" is a mistake. I have many friends who are incredibly "Spiritual" but have no relationship with temples, synagogues, churches, halls of assembly........indeed, many of my friends find their sense of "peace, place, direction & humanity" while they are hiking,.... or gardening ....... on the water .... in the forest ......helping others.......being alone!

I raise this topic because Judith & I were on duty yesterday morning at Christ Church Cathedral (as we are 4 or 5 months a year). We act as "sides-people" (or greeters); it means we stay at the back of Church "keeping an eye" on things, as the clergy run the service of worship. It also means that we arrive early & hand out "orders of service" (or for those of you with a sports or theatre background,.....think "programs"). As is my norm, I choose to greet people outside the Cathedral, on the sidewalk......and chat with all sorts of folks who are merely passing by.

Yesterday was gloriously sunny & I was doing "my thing" when one of the passers-by said "I can't believe you're campaigning in front of a Church !!!" When I explained that I was welcoming folks to the service, there was a bit of a "hrrrumph" & they walked on. I was slightly bemused.

Yesterday afternoon, I was going "door-to-door" in the Fairfield neighbourhood, handing out pamphlets & engaging in conversation with passers-by on the sidewalk. A person approached me & said: "It's great to see you talking with the general public on any topic.....good job !". I was once again, slightly bemused.

I think the ultimate goal of both "Good Governance" & "Spirituality" is to build "Better & Safer community ....for Everyone". In order to do so, we need to involve the full demographic spectrum; & we find those folks in a myriad of locations....on the City our commercial centres .................. & on the sidewalk (even in front of a Church!).
27 days (including 3 more Sundays!) to go!
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