Saturday, October 11, 2014

David Shebib is running for mayor in all 13 municipalities

I think that by running for all 13 local municipalities David Shebib has set some sort of Canadian record.   I have run across people running for two municipalities at once and David did this in 2011 when he ran for mayor of Victoria and Saanich, but never anything close to 13 at once.

It takes some effort to get on the ballot for all 13 municipalities, finding the people willing to nominate him Metchosin and Highlands can not have been easy.

If he had no run for mayor in all the municipalities there would have been no race in Highlands or Langford.   It has been very long time since there has not been an acclamation for some mayor in our region.

I am really not sure what to make of his campaign.  I am going to meet up with him soon and hear from him what his goal is and how he will campaign.

His platform does not make sense to me.

This is from his campaign Facebook page:

Its official!
As of right now David Shebib is a mayoral candidate for each of the 13 municipalities that comprise Greater Victoria. Central Saanich, Colwood, Esquimalt, Highlands, Langford, Metchosin, North Saanich, Oak Bay, Saanich, Sidney, Sooke, Victoria, and View Royal.
Amalgamation through the mayor's chair. Police reform. Constitutional review of all Bylaws in each municipality. 
Support David Shebib for Mayor if you would like to see the following actions vigorously worked towards:
a) every Bylaw that does not presume conscientious behaviour corrected by the same people who had the Appeals Court of BC recognize the right to sleep,
b) a campaign to raise awareness of what it means to be conscientious,
c) a moratorium on the buying and selling of land while its presumed ownership is investigated,
d) sanctioned tent-cities with Chief of Police hopeful David Arthur Johnston residing in one,
e) massive volunteer gardening projects backed by the City Parks department,
f) an acceptance of the extent of municipal debt and the necessity of not acting like we get our own lives until it is paid,
g) the addition of color to police uniforms,
h) a required sensitivity training for police so that they may learn how to determine conscientious behaviour and thereby greatly reduce the 'revolving door' aspect of the court system,
i) crack made illegal,
j) the removal of the terrorist preparation mentality from the police force, including but not limited to taking out protective glass front desk barriers and having station 'open-houses',
k) and the acknowledging and the working away from the monopoly on necessary services that the Capital Regional District (CRD) currently holds.
David can do the job, you just have to vote.
Peace and patience be with you.
I have to admit I do not understand some of his planks, specifically (a), (c) and (i).   I will ask him about what he intends with those when I meet with him.
This is a video from 2010 that might give people some idea of who David Shebib is

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