Monday, October 20, 2014

Meaningful Interactions

Despite being an engaged and, I would humbly suggest, reasonably informed voter I still do not have a firm list of candidates I will be voting for, let alone, publicly endorsing. The raw information is there for most candidates (see Bernard's list) but I need to know more about the candidates and their position. Given that I will not see interviews or analysis on television (and who reads the newspaper anymore) all I am left with is personal interaction and public debates.

Public debates are few and not very useful. Few, at least for those of us who work during the day. Utility is suspect given the huge number of candidates and short duration. The only debate I have heard reports from so far described chaos and futility as candidates had time for less than 5 minutes each to introduce their platforms and answer questions. It helped not one wit that fringe candidates were disruptive or dismissive taking valuable time for incoherant rants and personal statements.

I did experience my first personal interactions this weekend at home in James Bay. Walking near Thrifty's I was able to take a minute or two and speak with Erik Kaye who was "mainstreeting" at the five corners with a few volunteers. He managed to navigate my overly aggressive questioning on the sewage treatment question and his answer to that issue alone was enough to secure my vote. I like evidence-based solutions which he seemed committed to implementing.

The other interaction I had with a candidate was John Luton who came to my door. Now while I have not decided all my choices I do know some that I will NOT be voting for and My Luton is near the top of that list. His support of the Johnson Street boondoggle and previous time on council left me with a very negative impression of his previous tenure and no appetite for more. I was very brusk with him but despite my wife's suggestion I waste his time and take his material I respect the process and effort he is making too much to treat him like a telemarketer.

How many more will I have the opportunity to see in person? Time will tell.
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