Thursday, November 13, 2014

In Victoria, please vote for Justin Stephenson

I am not sure how I managed not to write this two months ago, but somehow I never did write it.

Justin Stephenson is running for Victoria City Council and he is a stellar candidate.  Here are some of the reasons why I am a fan:

He has more real business experience than anyone that has ever served on a council in the CRD.   He was a managing partner with RBC Capital Partners.   We need people that understand the needs of innovative emerging businesses on our councils.   It also can not hurt the region to have a man with his business connections sitting on a council

He now works on using the methods and skills he learned as a venture capitalist to effect real change through social enterprises.  I believe that harnessing market forces to change the world for the better is the fastest way will see meaningful and lasting change.

He has a vision for Victoria that includes being the best.  This matters a lot to me.

Many candidates talk about financial accountability and transparency, he has some concrete ideas on how to achieve it - Justin makes the points this video:

He is a pragmatist.   He is not some ideological right winger or left winger, but someone that believes in stewarding our resources and making good decisions that are supported by the public

He listens.  I meet a lot of candidates that run for local office (this time around it is somewhere in the range of 70 in person) and few listen as well as he does.   How I know?  Because he asks the questions that show he is taking in what I said and making sure he understands what I said.   On the current city council only Chris Coleman and Lisa Helps come close to listening as well as he does.

I could go on, but since I am behind on a number of these profiles I will leave it at this.   On Saturday make Justin Stephenson one of your choices for Victoria Council.

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