Friday, November 14, 2014

Why Ryan Windsor for mayor of Central Saanich

Ryan is an astute and smart younger guy who has been on Central Saanich council for 18 months now.   I have known Ryan for four or five years now and here are some the qualities I like in him:

  • He is a strong leader but in a quiet and collaborative way.  I see him as mayor building the council into a strong team for Central Saanich
  • You know what his values are and they really matter to him, at the same time he is not an ideological partisan.   I know he can easily cooperate across the political spectrum
  • He is pragmatic
  • He basis his decisions on solid evidence and will change his view if new evidence comes forward
  • He is willing to consider new ways of doing things, which is actually relatively rare on local councils.

I would say a lot more, but I had meant to get this written a couple weeks back but life and work have intervened.    One final thought, if you were to ask who could be the first Green premier of BC, Ryan would be pick as the most likely.

If you are in Central Saanich, please vote for Ryan Windsor as mayor
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