Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Why would I vote for Chris Coleman in the City of Victoria?

I am writing this today because too many people in the City of Victoria do not understand how valuable an asset they have in Chris Coleman being on council.

I lived in the City of Victoria from 2004 to 2013 and voted for Chris in 2005, 2008 and 2011.   I would still vote for him if I were living in the City of Victoria.

A major reason I would continue voting for Chris is that he really understands the role of councilor.   I do not think most of the public understands how council really works, the meetings of the council are only the final action of a long process that involves the council, the public and the staff of the city.   A good councilor has done 95% of the work on an issue before it comes up for debate at a council meeting, Chris is that sort of guy.

Because Chris is always well prepared on all the issues he understands that simplistic answers do not work.   He also more than aware what the limits are given the council of the day and political reality in the city.  From all of this he is able to be a very effective councilor.

Chris is not at the council to thump the table and rant and rave, he is there to get things done.   He is measured and pragmatic which is not what some people want.  They want some that rails against the system instead of someone that can effect useful change.

Chris is also very good at bringing people together and finding commonalities.   His skill at this allows him to be instrumental in getting people past deadlocks.  He rarely will take any credit for what he has done.   It is for this skill that he is called a fence sitter or flip flopper which shows people do not understand what he is doing.

Chris is not the sort of guy to spend his time promoting himself.  He can be self deprecating to a fault.  He very much lets his actions speak for themselves but the media does not cover competent councilors that quietly do a great job on council.

I know of no other councilor in this region that goes to the effort to talk to the people as Chris does.  He does not only show up at community association meetings and such, he constantly is seeking out the people that do not show up.  He goes to the doorsteps all year round and asks the public what they think of the city and what issues they might have.

Chris is also very approachable, getting him to sit down with you over coffee is easy to do.   If I ever had an issue with the City, he was the first person I called.  Call him and have coffee with him, I sure he will meet with you.  

Finally, and most importantly to me, Chris is one of the most ethical and honest people I have ever met.  If he thinks you might be misled by what he is saying he will make sure you are not.  

I highly recommend to anyone in the City of Victoria to please vote for Chris Coleman. (I only added the please because it is what Chris does - he always asks people to please vote for him.)
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