Monday, November 03, 2014

With very little effort on your part you can help the candidates you support in the local elections

My neighbour's Judy Brownoff sign
In a federal or provincial election the public gets lots of information about the parties and the candidates running.  It is easy to get a sense of who you might want to vote for.  This is not the case in municipal elections.   People are out there looking for information and recommendations on who they might want to vote for.   Letting people know how you are voting is worth a lot more to anyone you support than your own vote.

I am lucky that so many people find this blog helpful for the local elections.   What all that readership means is that when I express my opinion on who I like I know many people will ssee it and consider voting for those people.   You too can have an impact on the election chances of someone you support.   Here are two things that are easy to do and will benefit the person you support.

Nichola Wade, Colin Plant, Susan Brice and Paul Gerrard signs on my lawn

Vicki Sanders sign on the other part of my lawn
Have a sign on your lawn.  Very few people have municipal election signs on their lawns which means those that do have them have more of an impact.  The signs that are on public spaces serve a purpose, but signs that are on private lawns influence the people in the immediate area because it is a public endorsement.    The forty or fifty people that live on your street are much more likely to consider voting for your person if you put up a sign.  It costs you nothing in time or money to do.  In my neighbourhood there are virtually no signs on any lawns so ones on my lawn, and my neighbour's, really stand out.

On Facebook you can share the Facebook page for the candidate you support.  Once again this is a public endorsement and will cause people you know to vote for your candidate because they finally have something to connect to for at least one more candidate.   Even if only a small handful of local voters see it and consider it, you are likely still going to have more impact through sharing their facebook page than your actual vote.

There is a third option.   Write something about why you want to vote for someone and send it to me and I will post it here unedited.     Note that I am asking why you are voting FOR someone and not why you are not voting for someone.

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