Saturday, February 18, 2006

Victoria Vision

I have been back in Victoria for not quite two years now and I see a lack of a vision of what this place should be or could be. I catch glimpses of what might be and some examples of people that are thinking of a vision, but there is almost nothing being articulated about it in a larger community context.

I look around for peopling wanting greatness of this place and I rarely see it. Though this is imporved from the 1980s. I can see greateness in some of our athletes, I can see it in some of the high tech field and some the UVic research work, but I do not see it in the physical space of our community

I see that the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority is doing some work towards making the inner harbour world class, but where is the desire of people to make this the city the world thinks of first when they hear the words BC or even Canada?
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