Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tillicum Mall Redevelopment

There is a meeting tonight at Pearkes arena for a proposed redevelopment of Tillicum mall. About 7 weeks ago I suggested the same.

They are seriously considering something in the 10 story range. My hope is that they will consider adding more commercial and also office space along with the proposal for the residential.

Adding another 1000 people to that site will be a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. This should add a demand for buses into the neighbourhood. Make more use of the rec centre, make the mall more financially viable.

1000 people in the rest of the neighbourhood would take up about 350 houses. At 5 properties per acre, this would take 70 acres in the rest of the neighbourhood to house this number of people. This is an area equal to everything between Harriet, Burnside, Donald and Obed. All this onto a site that at the moment is nothing more than a parking lot that sits empty almost all the time.

I will be going tonight to very publicly speak in favour of the development
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