Saturday, October 02, 2010


I have been doing some reading about municipal amalgamations in BC and there have been a number of them. Here is a list of the more significant ones in the last 45 years:

1995 Matsqui - Abbotsford
1980 Chilliwack City - Chilliwack DM
1973 Kamloops - North Kamloops - Valleyview - Dufferin
1972 Abbotsford - Sumas Prarie
1969 Mission - Mission City
1967 Alberni - Port Alberni

I raise the ones above because they clearly show that amalgamation was a benefit to the community on many levels, in fact there is no evidence of any downside from them.  The process produced better communities that could deliver more services for less money and reflect a more realistic geographic community.  Is there anyone out there that thinks North Kamloops should be created now?   Or a return to Matsqui?   There is nothing to be found online indicating anyone would like to see the return of the old municipalities.

Once we have an amalgamated city in this region, the benefits will quickly erase any desire of anyone to return to old municipal boundaries.   Once Oak Bay is gone, no one will mourn it because there is no real community of Oak Bay, only a series of neighbourhoods within our city.   

The provincial government provides funding for communities to investigate amalgamation, the local governments of Greater Victoria should access this money and start the process.  There are communities in BC doing this at the moment.  Currently Trail, Warfield and Rossland are talking about amalgamation as are Fruitvale, Montrose and Area A of the Kootenay Boundary Regional District.
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