Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lana Popham on CFAX at the moment

I am getting a chance to hear Lana Popham on CFAX. This should give me a better idea what she is about.

The Disposable Society is the focus of her interview. She is pushing to get rid of plastic bags.

I like the sound of the Barking Dog award she is talking about - the idea is to reward local leaders who are making a difference.

She is giving Rick Kaspar the Barking Dog because of Sooke is getting everyone a reusable bag.

Certainly her having this regular slot to talk on Joe Easingwood's show is going to help her campaign to get elected to Saanich Council.

I like her focus on reducing instead of recycling. Though making an issue of plastic bags seems to me to be quaint. It is hardly a major issue and has very, very little real impact on our world.

She is now talking about disposable diapers. I would like to consider going without disposable, but the cost of cloth diapers or a diaper service is simply so much more expensive than disposables.

Must go for now - labour intervenes

A final thought about Lana - I will have to try the Barking Dog wine. If it is a good wine, that does say a lot about attention to detail, it is bad wine, I have to wonder about if she really should be on council. Once I go out to the winery for a tasting, I will tell you what I think,.
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