Monday, June 23, 2008

Michelle Kirby running for Oak Bay Council

I came across the blog of Michelle Kirby where she has said she will be running for Oak Bay council in the fall.

I have enjoyed reading a lot of the blog and like how she has been pushing Oak Bay Council to ease up the rules on things like bee keeping and clotheslines. I like her emphasis on processing her own food. I have a lot in common with her on the day to day level.

She also is a fan of Corky Evans, one of my all time favorite politicians. She is also a fan of a number New Democrats that I have little or no time for.

But she also seems to have bought into the traditional NDP economics and world view. The group mind think thing the NDP has had going on for ages has always concerned me - this is when I considered myself on the left I was never comfortable with the NDP. I was too much of an anarchist for them.

I do like her approach to running, she seems to be very interested in engaging the public in debate and having the community organized.

If she did not mention the NDP, I would expect her to be a Green. Certainly her lifestyle and age would make being a Green much more likely than NDP.

I do not live in Oak Bay, so I could not vote for her, but if I did I would consider it even though she is a New Democrat. When I decide who I really like in Oak Bay, I will put it up on the blog.
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