Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Electric Car Approved for use in Oak Bay

It seems that after August 19th you will be able to operate slower electric vehicles in Oak Bay.

While adding more options for people to be able to get around the city, I am not sure that there will be the sort of demand for electric cars as people seem to think.

Another problem/issue with electric cars is that they are fed by power from the grid. Until we have a lot more power coming into the gird, every incremental increase in demand at the moment means we have to buy power from places like Aberta and the States. In both cases this power is not very green.

One aspect I think that will work well for these cars is that they will tend to be recharged over night, a time when use of power in BC is low and this is ultimately a good redistribution of the load on the grid.

Ultimately I do not see that these cars will ever be anything more than a curiosity to be purchased by the rich. Most of us are not going to be owning different cars for different uses. What I do see is more and more cars being sold based around he hybrid technology. As the technology gets better and the batteries lighter, these cars will displace the current cars on the road.
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