Sunday, July 20, 2008

Herbicides being used on the E and N

The E and N rail line carries basically nothing in freight or passengers. The line is badly maintained and plants are encroaching on the line. The answer - spray with herbicides.

I am getting more and more frustrated with this polyannish love affair with rail in this region to the exclusion of the simple realities of life and economics. The E and N is an archaic remnant that has no viable future.

I love trains and train travel, but I do not love it enough to beggar the government and force a rise in taxes. Rail is simply no longer a functional solution to any of the issues we are facing.

I am more bemused than upset by the use of herbicides on the line. I admit to use some round up against morning glory - though I am interested in non chemical solutions to this invasive weed but I do not have unlimited time to deal with the plant.

Chemicals, when used properly, are a legitimate avenue to deal with problems. However, in the case of the E and N, why do this when the line is not used by any of us in the region? No one is signing on to ride the trains as passengers and no businesses are pushing to use the freight aspect. Vancouver Islanders are voting against the E and N with their pocket books, we do not really want the line. So why bother maintaining something that has no value to use any longer?
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