Thursday, August 21, 2008

2008 Fringe Festival is on

I like the Fringe Festival and the 2008 edition for Victoria is on.

I remember when the whole thing started up back in the mid 1980s. Randy Smith decided we could pull off a Fringe Festival here in Victoria and he was right. He also employed many of my friends on UI contracts to work on the festival, including Catherine the mother of my oldest three boys.

I have not been to much Fringe lately, life and things get in the way and this year Max will likely stop me from making it to any of it. I found that the best bet with the Fringe was just to try and see 4-6 random shows. Odds are good that one of them will be VERY good and one of them will be so bad that you will have a great story to tell friends and family about it all.

If anyone out there sees something very interesting, please let me know and I will figure out a way to find the time to get out to it.
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