Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Week's Amalgamation Meeting

Sorry for the delay in this, but various life things got in the way and I am waiting on the notes from the meeting from someone else that took them.

We had a  decent and interesting turnout at the meeting last week, several new people to the process that heard about the meeting from the interview with me on CFAX the afternoon before.   I am impressed that the group is a serious and level headed one.   The group of people that have been to either meeting or wanted to come is now somewhere over 100 people.   This without any real publicity or a formal group in place.

At the meeting we discussed more about how we can move the issue of amalgamation forward and what the next steps should be.   We have a couple of small groups working on different issues or researching information we need to know.   In general we realize that we need to develop a grassroots approach to amalgamation and work on talking to people, researching issues, and starting the debate.   We can not show up with the solution but find out what makes the most sense in this region.

The next meeting will be in the early new year, I am realistic that in December it is impossible to get people to come to meetings.
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