Thursday, April 04, 2013

We have 20 Official Community Plans for one City - Time to Amalgamate

Victoria is about to finish it's current Official Community Plan but it is only one of 20 in this region.   What I find amazing is that none of the plans seem to care about the impact of the plan on their neighbours.    We have this mess of multiple plans going in multiple directions for one city.   The best we get is the regional growth strategy but it does not work to coordinate the plans.

We have things like Saanich plans for Foul Bay Road in 2008, Victoria adopted a new plan in June 2012 that is written as if Saanich had no plans for the road and now Oak Bay will have new plan in 2014.  One street with three different OCPs created over more than five years.

Our OCPs in the region are not as good as they could be because they plan for the arbitrary borders that exist and not for the communities that really do exist.     We have neighbourhoods split up by the planning process and not being allowed to holistically work as a single community.

The OCP process is also very exclusionary.  Just because someone lives on one side of the street their opinion on the other side of the street does not get counted as an equal voice.   It is also  exclusionary  because there are so many planning processes.   There is no way anyone can keep on top of any of them.  It also means the media does not pay attention to them either.  We end up with much less input and from a narrow segment of the city's population.

We need amalgamation simply so that we can plan properly for the whole city.

List of Current OCPs
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