Friday, September 26, 2008

Coffee with Alison Gaul

Alison is running for Esquimalt Council. I met with her this afternoon for a coffee at the Spiral Cafe in Vic West. I am impressed with her.

Her decision to run for council is not one she suddenly thought up, but part of a long process within which she understood that if she wanted to take the next step in her involvement in Esquimalt she needed to run for council. She made the decision early and she is running a serious campaign.

One of my criteria of deciding if someone is a serious candidate for local government is if they are spending at least as much time on campaigning as they will have to as a councilor. Ali is showing she is doing this.

She clearly is willing learn what she needs to know and is not dogmatic. It was the demise of Archie Browning Arena that spurred her deeper into local politics and she worked hard on the issue. She is one of the people in this region we can thank for keeping the arena in place.

She has a genuine love for the community and shows a high degree of dedication to Esquimalt.

We talked about some of the more difficult issues - transit and policing. She is open minded and realistic and did not have pat answers.

She also let me know that we should see some more names coming out of the woodwork for the Esquimalt election in the next week of which at least one is a serious contender for mayor.

If I lived in Esquimalt I would be voting for Ali. For those of you interested in helping her, she has a fundraiser coming up:

Event Info
Time and Place
Saturday, October 4, 2008
8:00pm - 11:55pm
Archie Browning Sports Centre
1151 Esquimalt Rd
Esquimalt, BC

Contact Info


We're hosting a shorty bonspiel and pub night to raise funds for the campaign to elect Alison Gaul to Esquimalt Council.

Costs are low to encourage more people to try out this great sport! All beginners (and experienced curlers with a sense of humour and adventure) are welcome!

The cost is only $30 per person or $100 per team of 4.

Your fee pays for a free curling lesson and two end games. We will also be serving some snacks upstairs in the lounge between games and the (cash) bar will be open until midnight. There will also be fantastic door prizes!

Anyone who wishes to watch curling and join us in the lounge is also welcome.

Curling from 8-10pm. Cash bar open until midnight.

Please contact Lorie Hall for more info or for registration.

Hope to see you at the rink!
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