Sunday, September 28, 2008

Joseph Boutilier's Campaign Update

jerry's update re: joseph boutilier's $0 donation campaign for victoria city council

"Stay tuned for change. The future is now."

Dear friend, ally & associate,
It's my pleasure to write you a very, very special update. Thanks also for your time. Victoria's Civil Election is on November 15.
I would like to tell you about my friend Joseph Boutilier's ( campaign for City Council as the youngest candidate (18).
Joseph Boutilier works hard. Here, may I request from you some non-monetary support and guidance for the publicity of his campaign:
Joseph Boutilier decided for a $0 donation campaign (any assistance but monetary). He is a long-time community activist and volunteer who has worked with City Hall and community groups (bio & platform on his website). Due to age and all that which typically comes with it, the election is not a level playground for him, despite any highlights in experience, qualifications and energy. But it would be a shame, if Joseph does not get the due support and advice in the publicity of his campaign - to have his voice reach different corners of the community with less money and more sincerity.
I can count on his democratic citizenship and intellect. But I am not requesting you to necessarily agree with my opinion.
But I request a little assistance from you, to my friend Joseph Boutilier. Essentially, informational and networking assistance, not necessarily for Joseph's candidacy, but only for the *publicity of his campaign*.
Here are some ways I would like you to assist Joseph in his promotion. If you do not yet know Joseph, feel free to start the correspondence through me.

  • *You're the BlackPress Journalist/ Radio Host/ Grassroots Publisher* - Please contact Joseph directly (or through me; if that's what you feel comfortable with) regarding the possibility of a coverage: **a radio interview, a newspaper story, etc.** Joseph has already been featured along with others; so an exclusive coverage sounds great.
  • *You're the Activist/ educationist/ strategist* - Please pass on to Joseph (or thru me) your **insights, experiences and strategies** re: networking (past documents/ training resources would be fine). They will be much valued and appreciated. Also, let us explore: **possibilities for him to visit your organization, or further networking**.
  • *You're a respected leader of your geographical/ ethnic/ etc. community* - We'd like to explore possibilities to do a letter from Joseph/ little notice in your community's newsletter/ related publications (i.e., Chinatown Newsletter, etc.) I'd love to follow up with a few of you.
  • *You have friends/ you have ideas/ you have experience* - Joseph would appreciate it if you would be able to provide some *informational assistance, or referrals* to those who might be able to do so. If this is not possible, please forward the email to your friends and networks. Some of them might be able to provide Joseph with some assistance/ mentorship / referrals.
  • You go to work - Please find the attached mini-flyer; feel free to post it outside your office, in a hey-check-out-this-interesting-young-man manner.

Again, thank you for your precious time. On behalf of my busy friend, Joseph Boutilier, I appreciate in advance your non-monetary assistance, advice and guidance.
"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
FYI: Additional Info. below...
He has already been featured - along with other candidates - on some local outlets.
"He is only 18, but looks like he is a very interesting candidate for council. I suspect is better prepared to be on the council than most of the new people running. I need to track him down and talk with him, I might come out in support of him." Victoria Vision
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