Thursday, September 18, 2008

Race Heating up in Esquimalt

Bruce McIldoon is making a come back - he only lost by 25 votes last time.

Barb Desjardins, who is running for Mayor, is taking out ads in the Victoria News already.

What have at the moment is:

Chris Clement and Barb Desjardins for mayor is a very serious all out race

Returning councilors are Don Linge and Lynda Hundleby. We know that councillors Jane Sterk, Barb Desjardins and Hy Freedman are not running again. Basil Boulton unfortunately died - thanks to Ali Gaul for pointing my error on this earlier today.

We have former councilor Bruce McIldoon coming back. We also have Meagan Brame, Alison Gaul and Lori King for Council. All of them serious candidate running serious campaigns. I am especially impressed at how hard Ali Gaul is campaigning. Her energy in the campaign indicates to me she will work hard on council.

If no one else comes out of the woodwork the election is easy for them, but I expect to see some more names for the ballot soon. But will it be anyone well enough known to make a difference?
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