Friday, September 19, 2008

How You can Help Me

There are more and more of you out there reading this blog on a regular basis - 300 to 400 per day now. In my task to find all the candidates running for office in November I could use your help.

1) If you know of someone running for office and I do not know about them, please let me know.

2) I am looking for the websites, but they are not always easy to find - same goes for facebook groups. Please let me know.

3) If you have information to share about candidates and are willing to put your name to it, please send it to me and I will post it if it is not petty, mean, illegal or vindictive.

4) I am interested in taking some of this live - I am wondering who out there would be willing to help host a meet the candidates social evening? A time and place is stated and any or all candidates can come and anyone in the public can come and talk to them in person. Just a thought I am having for someone to make the election more personal.

5) I am looking for suggestions on how to improve the look an function of the blog - good ideas and solutions welcome, just keep in mind I am not spending money on this.

You can email me at
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