Thursday, September 04, 2008

Robert Randall

I went and had coffee with Robert Randall today. From the look of things, I thought he was the right sort of guy for Victoria City Council. Now that I have met him, I on board and will be supporting him. Here are some of the reasons I am supporting him:

  • He is up on all the issues and the process of council
  • He sees the city staff as informed professionals
  • He does not have political ambitions beyond council
  • He has a vision of this city that is about making it a better place
  • He thinks about issues and likes to listen to what people have to say
  • He has the time in his life to do the job and is under no illusions about what it involves

That is just some of the reasons I will be backing him. You can get a better idea about him and his thoughts at his blog.
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