Monday, September 15, 2008

Strongest Campaign Teams For the Federal Election

In this region we have 12 serious candidates running for office, we know that 9 of them are going to lose. What I thought might be interesting would be for a quick assessment of how strong their campaigns are, not how well they are doing in the election or their chances of winning.

I am looking at how much:
media the candidates are getting
they are being talked about by people
signs are out there
their people are campaigning out on the streets

  1. Troy Desouza - Conservative - Esquimalt Juan de Fuca
  2. Jack McClintock - Conservative - Victoria
  3. Briony Penn - Liberal - Saanich Gulf Islands
  4. Gary Lunn - Conservative - Saanich Gulf Islands
  5. Jennifer Burgis - NDP - Esquimalt Juan de Fuca
  6. Andrew Lewis - Green - Saanich Gulf Islands
  7. Denise Savoie - NDP - Victoria
  8. Keith Martin - Liberal - Esquimalt Juan de Fuca
  9. Julian West - NDP - Saanich Gulf Islands
  10. Adam Saab - Green - Victoria
  11. Anne Park Shannon - Liberal - Victoria
  12. Brian Gordon - Green - Esquimalt Juan de Fuca

These are my impressions of the campaigns after one week. I will post my impressions of the campaigns next Monday. Some of the campaigns may pick up speed in the next week because they simply were not ready for an election.
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