Thursday, October 30, 2008

From Sooke Mirror News

Each of the civic candidates running was asked, ‘why are you running?’

Electors in the District of Sooke and in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area will be voting on a referendum for the Sooke Region Museum.

JdF Electoral Area voters can vote at the Otter Point Fire Hall, Shirley Community Hall and the East Sooke Community Hall from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on November 15.

Election Day is

November 15.

Municipal voters can cast their ballots at Edward Milne Community School, 6218 Sooke Road, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

I see opportunity in challenges that face us. I see working with our communities towards a sense of a shared future, where they have influence and where they work together to promote social, environmental and economic stability. I believe in open respectful communication and in planning to ensure healthy resilient communities

Many issues such as governance, representation, land use, water, down-zoning and museum funding have not been effectively handled by the CRD. My family is now deeply rooted in Port Renfrew and I have the time and experience to help solve these problems and make a positive difference.

For me the election is about effective leadership, about creating a team that, with guidance and direction, will unite on a vision, work to accomplish the goals set. I will encourage and expect mutual respect among and between council and staff so we can work efficiently making decisions to move forward.

The exceptional blend of community spirit, natural setting, affordability and small town charm will shape Sooke’s growth in the coming years. With such growth comes great responsibility to maintain a balance between improving livability whilst preserving Sooke’s uniqueness. I wish to ensure Sooke’s leadership embraces such a balance.

Brenda Parkinson- Council

I am seeking reelection as I want to continue to work on behalf of our community to ensure responsible development of our community and revitalization of our town core. My vision for Sooke is to help create and promote a dynamic, vibrant and sustainable local economy and culture.

I have lived in this community for 32 years. Our town is beautiful, diverse and frustrating. The frustration is at a community level, therefore my values lead me to act at a community level. I know I could learn quickly and perform my functions as councillor in a professional, capable and respectful manner.

We need strong leadership during turbulent economic times - a Mayor who will work together with Council ensuring we do what we can afford, and what taxpayers want. No more wasted tax dollars and special perks for mayor. Ensure development doesn’t cost you money, and manufactured home owners are protected.

Our community is facing difficult times. Political decisions favouring developers and ignoring procedural fairness have been deeply divisive and financially costly. Candidates for council are already lining up in voting blocs preparing to continue the trend. My hope is to bring an independent, reasoned and informed voice to the table.

Growing up in Sooke I was fortunate to witness the building of this community. Hardworking, family people constructing lives for themselves and their children, brick by brick, all to fill in the landscape of what we have today. It is this process I wish to be a part of.

I am passionate about our community and I have worked hard to lay the foundation that will move Sooke forward.

With the new OCP, the new road network, the parks and trails plan, and the storm water plan in place, I am focused on implementation and our future success.

I am running to complete some of the projects we have started: OCP, liquid waste management, downtown revitalization and affordable housing. To represent all the people of Sooke by taking a common sense approach to decision making. To work to ensure a viable future for the District of Sooke.

I am running for Sooke Council because I care about my community. I grew up here, and I would like to see Sooke become a thriving and attractive community. I am absolutely certain that this can be attained by electing dedicated candidates who truly care about our town.

In these challenging times, I wish to be of service to our unique Sooke community. I will reflect the values and ideals of our residents, endeavour to transform our collective vision into reality and provide fiscally responsible leadership and good planning to ensure a prosperous and healthy community.

I am running for re-election because the downtown plan, the parks and trail plan, the transportation plan plus the official community plan (our vision of Sooke) need councillors who will be committed to implementing initiatives that will bring Sooke forward as the jewel of the West Coast. I am that person.

Sooke has diverse demographics... and Rick believes our citizens must be respected, encouraged and celebrated. Equally important are Sooke’s seniors. We must create a more “age-friendly” community to better serve our senior citizens. In order to encourage growth, our surroundings must be revitalized to meet the needs of our citizens.

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